The signs of the fungal presence may differ wildly. As a matter of fact, people usually see fungus by looks of its body. Shelf fungus or conks, mushrooms and all other kinds of weird growths may pop up directly from your piece of wood or above the ground when the pathogen or fungus is trying to improve.


Any kind of liquid material which is oozing from your tree, might or might not be something you need to be worried about. Insect, wood decay fungi, bacteria infect and all kinds of other reasons can be to blame.

There are a lot of unbelievable amounts of pathogens or fungi and most are not your problem. What you may need to worry about is if you notice them growing and developing directly from the tree itself most especially at its base. Because the fungal identification can be very hard to understand, it is best to just have it inspected by a professional and highly experienced arborist.

Fine Powder Deposits or Hole

There is a whole class of insects which eat through the woody areas of your trees, and this usually referred to as the bark beetles or wood boring insects. These bugs or insects will often cause hole formations in the bark of your tree which can be as big as the tip of a pencil or larger than the eraser.

Yellowing Foliage

When the leaves of your trees turn yellow, it may be because of the insufficient supply of a very important pigment known as the chlorophyll. Without the right amount of chlorophyll production, the leaves will have a hard time creating sugars that are necessary for survival. Aside from that, it is all just a part of an amazing process called the photosynthesis.

Chlorosis or the yellowing of foliage, can be due to nutrient deficiencies, insect attacks, too much watering or it might be nothing. Knowing what is normal for a tree is very significant, as well.

Poor Tree Structure

Some problems with your trees cannot be linked to their health, or at least in a positive way. A lot of urban trees are actually not found in your place. In addition to that, this can lead them to deal with shapes which are not typical or cause them to have an abnormal rate of growth. This is why it’s best that you ask help from a professional tree service company for assessing the trees in your property.

For instance, a tree which has evolved for several years to grow with the other trees, will basically be skinny, tall as well as slower growing because of competition. That similar tree that’s grown in full sunlight, in your property with plenty of irrigation, may probably grow at a faster rate and get much larger than it can be. Each tree species has a one-of-a-kind structure, and because of this, it is a very good idea to have a yearly walk around or inspection of your property with the help of a professional and highly experienced tree maintenance service provider who can help you keep your trees their top condition.