Trees give us such huge numbers of advantages that it’s definitely justified even despite the time and labor to plant them. Trees are one of the most practical methods for purifying the air and even water, and better the overall health and wellbeing.

If you have just planted a tree or two, they will need to be nurtured and well taken care of so they can grow in good shape. Here are some things we listed for you to help you achieve just that.

Prevent Tree Transfer Shock

When a tree is just newly planted, especially if it doesn’t come from a pot, most usually experiences stress and because its roots can be cut from digging. This stage is known as the transfer shock. This causes the trees to be susceptible to dry season or extremely hot climate, pests, and others. But when the crest of the tree and roots are repaired, then equilibrium happens. A tree’s odds of survival can be improved through practices that set up the root framework. Although you can prevent from injuring or cutting the roots of the tree when transferring, you can always do your best to minimize it. You can also purchase a potted tree so you can just dig a part of the lawn and plant it there. If not, you’ll need to take constant care for your trees in its first 3 years.

Care for the Roots

A newly planted tree’s roots are still near the surface. Good practices in planting and care will help the tree recover and grow faster. But the establishment is still different for different types of trees. It’s imperative to understand that the root framework regularly stretches out past the branches.

Help the Roots Regrow and Spread

In order for newly transferred and planted trees, especially young ones, they will have to keep up with faster root regrowth so they won’t die. You need to keep the upper part of the tree alive and well until their balance with the roots is reestablished is fundamental. After the transfer, the roots start to regrow thanks to the energy kept in the trunk and major branches. In order for this to keep up, the tree’s leaves should do their part and manufacture food particularly sugar. Pruning the trees during this stage isn’t suggested.

Plant the Trees the Right Way and Maintain Them

Planting trees isn’t just a one-sided process. First, you have to consider the location and the condition of the soil there. If these are meant, planting and transferring won’t be a problem, and the trees will grow properly and in good health. More so if they are cared for and attended regularly.

Watering and Mulching

This is one of the upkeeps you can do to keep the trees growing the right way. The soil should frequently, if not always, be damp in 3 years’ time after the transfer. Sugars are always available if the trees always receive water. But too much is also never the best idea. So, keep that in mind.

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